An EfficiencyCraftedSM home, defined

They’re built using advanced green construction practices, design details and materials by participating Ohio builders.

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The lowdown on HERS scores

A low HERS index score means a more efficient home with lower utility bills.

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Efficiency for every price range

From starter homes to dream houses, there’s an EfficiencyCraftedSM builder ready to build in your price range.

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Efficiency you can trust

All EfficiencyCraftedSM homes must pass a detailed inspection from a certified independent energy rater.

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Four seasons of savings and comfort

Advanced insulation and sealing techniques combine with high efficiency HVAC systems to provide year-round, wall-to-wall comfort.

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AEP Ohio New Manufactured Homes


Now Available: An affordable new efficiency option through AEP Ohio’s EfficiencyCraftedSM Program.

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Build Green. Save Green.

Build energy efficiency into your next home. Contact an EfficiencyCrafted builder today. > Click Here.

The EfficiencyCraftedSM Program

Brought to you by AEP Ohio, the EfficiencyCrafted Program supports green construction of new homes through support of participating Ohio builders. These builders use advanced construction practices, design details and materials that are verified to meet a higher standard of energy performance. Your new home will feature improved quality, comfort and energy savings that you can enjoy from the day you move in.

All EfficiencyCrafted homes are energy rated and feature these eight advantages:

Improved Insulation

Properly installed insulation with higher R-value helps keep heat in during winter, out during summer.

Air Sealing

Sealing leaks, cracks and gaps throughout the home and around equipment reduces drafts and energy bills.

High Performance Windows

Low-E ENERGY STAR qualified windows insulate better and reduce moisture problems for a difference you can see and feel.

ENERGY STAR Qualified Heating Equipment

More efficient than standard models when sized and insulated properly.

Properly Installed Duct System
Well-sealed ducts reduce air loss by as much as 20% for greater comfort. In unconditioned space, proper duct installation reduces heat loss for additional savings.
ENERGY STAR Qualified Appliances

Made by leading manufacturers you know and trust, ENERGY STAR qualified refrigerators, clothes washers, dishwashers and other home products offer a range of styles and features, while meeting high standards for energy performance.

ENERGY STAR Qualified Lighting
Light bulbs and fixtures that have earned the ENERGY STAR label last up to 10x longer and use 2/3 less energy. And, they’ve never looked better in light quality and design.
Mechanical Ventilation

Provides fresh air exchange to help reduce indoor moisture problems, odors and pollutants.

A growing number of EfficiencyCrafted builders include these additional features and benefits:
ENERGY STAR Certification

ENERGY STAR Certification of the whole home, not just individual components, means it’s been built to achieve EPA’s additional requirements for comfort, durability, moisture management and indoor air quality as well as energy efficiency. Ask about the highest level of EfficiencyCrafted – ENERGY STAR Certification.

ENERGY STAR Qualified Cooling Equipment

Properly sized and installed high efficiency cooling equipment maximizes performance and savings.

High Performance Windows

Low-E ENERGY STAR qualified windows insulate better and reduce moisture problems for a difference you can see and feel.

“Our efficiency journey” video series

A guided tour of the EfficiencyCrafted building process through the eyes of a customer.

“Our efficiency journey”

A Central Ohio man who recently built a new home with a participating EfficiencyCrafted builder looks back at the building process.

Sealing and ventilation

How an EfficiencyCrafted home actually “breathes.”


Insulation details make a big difference efficiency-wise.

Testing and rating

Why rigorous third-party testing is the best assurance of efficiency.


The most trusted name in efficient systems and appliances.

Smart meter

Why a smart meter plus a smartphone equals smarter energy usage.

The HERS index, explained

Lower score = more savings.

HERS stands for “Home Energy Rating System®.” A HERS score is a measure of energy efficiency between 150 and 0.

Here’s how it works. The lower the score, the more energy efficient the home. Typical existing homes have a score over 100, while standard built new homes have scores in the range of 85-100.

EfficiencyCraftedSM homes score below 70 and often as low as 55–signifying the home is 45% more efficient than a 100-point reference home. Participating EfficiencyCrafted Program builders are required to use a combination of proven technologies, advanced building practices and performance testing to reduce the HERS scores of their finished homes.

“Consumers are beginning to care as much about their HERS score as the cost per square foot of the house.”

– Randy Hall, President, Rater, Cornerstone Energy Conservation Services

Built for lasting savings

A more durable home from the ground up.

An EfficiencyCraftedSM home is built to nationally recognized standards for energy efficient construction. Participating builders use an integrated whole-house approach that incorporates high performance equipment and building practices together with independent testing and verification to help ensure that quality and savings endure for decades to come.


Use less energy and save on utility bills.

EfficiencyCraftedSM homes can use up to 30% less energy for heating and cooling than standard built homes.  According to EPA estimates, this reduced energy usage can save families as much as $400 or more per year* on their utility bills. The ENERGY STAR® certified appliances featured in all EfficiencyCraftedSM homes use up to 50% less energy than standard models.

* Source: Environmental Protection Agency

  • Energy Usage Compared to Homes Built to Code 70%
  • Energy Use of ENERGY STAR Appliances vs. Standard Models 50%

Quieter and more comfortable

Comfort: Year-round, wall-to-wall.

All EfficiencyCraftedSM homes are built to minimize leaks and drafts that cause hot and cold spots. Their innovative use of insulation, advanced sealing techniques and high efficiency heating and cooling systems all work together to provide year-round, wall-to-wall comfort. Additional insulation and air sealing also helps create a quieter environment.

Improved indoor air quality

Breathe easier

An EfficiencyCraftedSM home features ventilation systems that help improve air quality, reduce humidity, and remove odors. It’s a healthier place to live.

Peace of mind

Your assurance of efficiency and value.

Each EfficiencyCraftedSM home is rigorously tested by an independent energy rater certified under the Home Energy Rating System. This helps to assure that you’re getting maximum energy efficiency, savings and value. Your home’s HERS rating can improve its resale value should you decide to sell.

“We have six children. Going with an EfficiencyCrafted builder was a no brainer for us.”

Lori K., – EfficiencyCrafted homeowner

Find an EfficiencyCraftedSM builder

A growing list of reputable builders.

Here’s the growing list of homebuilders that participate in the EfficiencyCrafted Program.

AEP Ohio New Manufactured Homes

An affordable new home efficiency option

Available from a growing list of retailers and manufacturers through AEP Ohio’s EfficiencyCraftedSM Program, these all-electric EfficiencyCrafted and ENERGY STAR® manufactured homes can deliver annual energy savings up to $1,000 or more depending on their size and location.

Attention retailers, mobile/manufactured home communities and HVAC contractors. Want more information about receiving incentives through AEP Ohio’s New Manufactured Homes Program? Contact AEP Ohio by email at or call 614-360-9309 for more information.

Peaceful, quiet, comfortable

Solidly built, smartly sealed.

ENERGY STAR® Certified Manufactured Homes are built to provide year-round comfort. Their tight construction and sealed ductwork reduces leaks, and keeps out drafts and outdoor noise. Thoroughly insulated floors, walls and attic spaces help maintain comfortable indoor temperatures and provide additional noise reduction. Attractive, high-performance windows add efficiency, keeping heat in during the winter and out during the summer.

Reliable, efficient heating and cooling

Right-sized, all-electric comfort.

Every ENERGY STAR® Certified Manufactured Home is efficiently heated and cooled by a state-of-the-art, all-electric heat pump system. Installed by certified technicians, each heat pump unit is sized to match each home to provide superior year-round comfort and energy savings.

All about heat pumps

A heat pump is one of the most important components for maximizing the efficiency of your home.

Today’s energy-efficient systems will keep you comfortable and save you money all year long.


How They Work

The electric air-source heat pump installed in your new home uses the difference between outdoor and indoor air temperatures to cool and heat your home, consuming significantly less electricity than other types of heating systems. In winter, a heat pump takes warmth from the outside air and “pumps” or “moves” it inside your home. In summer, the process reverses. The system pumps heat from inside your home to the outside and functions in the same way as a central air conditioner to circulate cool, dry air throughout your home.

Are you an AEP Ohio customer?

AEP Ohio New Manufactured Homes are located in AEP Ohio’s service territory. To confirm that your property is within this territory, enter the property’s zipcode. If the result is “possible AEP Ohio customer,” click to enter the exact house # and address. A representative will check and respond back to you.


New Manufactured Homes

As a first step, enter your zipcode to determine if it is within AEP Ohio service territory.
5-Digit Zipcode:


  • Adventure Homes
  • CMH Manufacturing, Inc. – Maynardville
  • CMH Manufacturing, Inc. -Appalachia
  • CMH Manufacturing, Inc. -Norris
  • CMH Manufacturing, Inc. -Rutledge
  • Giles Industries- Giles New Tazewell
  • TRU Homes
  • Schult Middlebury
  • Skyline Homes

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